Sunday, 18 October 2009

Gold Coast trip 2009

Not a long post... I am just going to upload some photos on a trip to the Gold Coast a few months ago. It was a lovely trip with my lady.

Waking up at 5am ish to have a hot ari baloon ride!!!

The place we stayed at - Mantra Circle on Cavill.

Aqua duck bus ride around Gold Coast.

Movie world Stunt evo drivers show.
Breakfast after the hot air balloon ride, omg we were so hungry. It was worth it though. VERY nice location and view to have the breakfast.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

The last long weekend...preparing

Hi all,

This may be the last long weekend I will spend in this country for a while. It is hard to believe that time has passed so quickly. Where will I go in the near future?

I recently sent a hand written letter out to Hong Kong, I put it in the local red box for posting. Only after I had put it in the slit had I realised it said destinations to Australia only. It was too late so I wondered if they were going to send it back to me or they would be nice enough to send it to the right destination. No worries though, a week or two later it has arrived in HK safely. Lucky!

It doesn't seem like much time left. I still need to do many things before I make some big changes in my life. Designing a diary for the lady, learning a new language, learning about a new desination, new locations and getting around, living entirely by myself (hope there is someone beside me most of the time though!), looking at visas, saving money, etc...the list goes on and on...

Everyday I pass through I don't know how to act in front of the ones I know. Do I act normal? I know that soon I may not see them for quite a long time and not able to joke around. But, at the same time I have many things I need to go through and complete to get myself ready. This is the balance that I am finding it hard to achieve right now. I really want to spend more time with those closest and make our links even stronger for the steps ahead to come.

Tomorrow I will try to go feed the ducks by myself as it has been a long time...

Hope to update this again soon!!! woohhhooooo wahahaha.

Sunday, 20 September 2009


Today, my baby dumbo gf has left Australia to go back to HK.

Hope to see you soon as possible baby. Be good and work hard because I will do the same.


Sunday, 23 August 2009

Its been a long time...

Hey everybody,

I just got back from a farewell dinner for my gf organised by her classmates. It was a nice friendly and relaxing dinner. Right now I am enjoying a salami and cheese bun I made just then...yummy!

One month left with the lady until she goes back to HK. We discussed possible future activities, jobs, businesses, etc., that we both may end up doing. Some included PROPER designed t-shirt or fashionable clothing brand. Now I'm talking proper graphically designed clothing pieces which has a strong concept base and a proper continuity throughout. I have so many ideas on this and so does my lady. I have written down lots of concepts and daydreamed about these sorts of ideas for clothing for a long time. In university I was constantly thinking and jotting down notes, sketches and anything related to t-shirt designing. I think a move to somewhere like HK will really help in the way that the production and printing side is cheaper...I hope! This is something I have always wanted to do. If I decide to go ahead with this, I really want to do it once and do it in go with a full strength kick.

Brand identity, strong message, strong concept, quality materials, quality printing, exclusivity, honesty and trend. I dont want to produce something that just looks cool. I want people to feel that the t-shirt I create is something that if they are given the choice to carry one thing to travel, this would be it!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

University memories

Hi all,

Its been a while...nice to see you again peoples. How have you all been hohohoho.

At work we have had this new mentee come in (mentee as in the mentors student thingi), and they are studying at the same university as I did in graphic design. It made me think and remember about my 4 years there. Memories of how I hated and loved bits of that experience. 

The first two years were not that great and only until third year did I feel slightly comfortable. Overall the set out and structure of the subjects/course was not great. There are a lot of technical skills you miss out least the basic skills required to get a noob up and running faster in the real world would be ideal. A lot of focus was on the concept thinking and lateral visions (although the teaching was soso), I think it was too much! They didn't test out speed thinking and real life on job thoughts and production. Also developing your skills was not realised, all they wanted to see was an ideal pretty fancy end product. Same style design bullshit and the usual shit you see over and over again. They didn't promote innovative ideas and/or real world solutions. Both sides to the stories.

I found out later  the course convenor or head of the design was a bullshit old fatass lady who had no real experience and skills (even my current boss had her for a class ages ago and thinks the same). She was racist too which made it worse. Also failed me for no real reason because my work was supposedly It met the brief and although not the best design out there it was at least a pass. Anyway you have to meet her in real life.

Another thing I must mention is that doing industrial design as an elective was surprisingly my best move during studying graphic design. I really respected: the teachers, tutors, fellow students and the work. The whole structure set out is MUCH better than the graphic design one. I really loved it and even would consider studying or changing to industrial design! lol. The teaching, concept thinking methods, atmosphere and sketching is much more effective. I recommend learning or taking industrial design at least as an elective!!! I learnt so much there that I am now using in my graphic design.

Wow, this was a long post. Arms are sore again after a busy week at work.

Talk later!

Sunday, 31 May 2009

June wahahahaha

Hi everyone on my popular blog, wohohohoho. Well its been a while since I posted a new blog. Have you all been waiting?

I recently went to watch the Pussycat dolls and Lady Gaga perform in concert for my gf's birthday! Normally I wouldn't go to watch these people perform but I guess its ok with my gf. It was hot there and very tiring as we had floor tickets. So that meant we had to stand for the whole time...the lady was getting tired towards the end and we wanted to leave early. She is a bit short so it was hard for her to see past the peoples shoulders half of the time. But, we enjoyed it and by the time we got back to the car we couldn't wait to sit down in those comfortable Recaro It took almost an hour? to leave the car park.

When we got back to our nice hotel, we ended up ordering food from room service! OMG I have never done this before. First experience. Ordered burger with chips, plate of wedges with sweet sour chilli, steak and rice, and glass of wine. Ended up being a little over 100 dollars! SO MUCH for that hahahaha.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Update for May

Recently I drove around the adult sex shop areas at night with gf and a friend just for fun...when a series of traffic pole/cones in the dark had been hit over on the road. The base of the traffic poles are big though and when we drove it was too dark to see therefore I HIT THEM. On my second bumper now. It made a huge noise. 

The damage was not HUGE but still enough to set me back a couple hundred and the hassle. I fixed it already though and it costed $450 dollars!!!... oh well. Just when Im about to see if I can sell it soon this happens lol.

Arms are a bit sore now so I wont type much more. I will try to update with more pictures soon.

Here is are two old ones for now.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Another April update with pictures

Left arm is getting a bit sore so I will let the pictures do most of the talking. Simple captions are added yo.

Servicing my car and the ladies car. 
Hard at work changing oil...such a man!

At the zoo.

Picture of the sky. When I was a child...always thought these special planes created the clouds we see in the sky. Now I know its just there pollution haha.
The lady makes sushi, Vietnamese rice paper rolls and other good seafood. Wife material? Wahahaha.

What the cook looks like!
At the 2009 Sydney Royal Easter Show.
Ate at this shit steakhouse place...ordered prawns and chips! Worst ever, they gave 4 small ass prawns and chips. For the same price you can get a big pork rib which everyone was eating.
Stayed at this 5 Star hotel named Amora Hotel in Sydney CBD. It was ok I guess...

Accessing Internet at the hotel before leaving.
At the Apple store in Sydney. Want those walls and stairs concept in my own future house. Went there 3 times just to use their free internet haha.
At QVB (Queen Victoria Building) in Sydney.
At some cupcake store that had awesome cupcakes. Obviously.
Paddle boats fun on Lake Burley Griffin. Haven't done this since I was a child. My skin looks smoother and 5% more handsome because of the lighting.
Pork ribs today made by the lady cook. VERY good. Well done dumbo cook.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

April Weekend + Sunday Markets

Girlfriend cooked some yummy Korean food. YUM YUM YUM. On Sunday it was daylights saving! I was supposed to wake up at 7am to go pick up my gf and go to the Sunday markets to sell our wonderful stuff. I woke at 6am because I didnt change the time on my alarm to the new daylight saving time. Anyway we made it to the markets and it was my first time there especially to sell something. We had to go to the market at 11pm the night before to put our car in a good spot. We sold very successfully today, even though there was still a lot of junk and items left I was quite surprised. The lady next to us selling pot plants was very surprised too. She told us that no one she has seen has sold clothes and items like ours that quickly. She was really nice and offered us help for plastic bags. She also gave us her wallet to sell and as soon we put it down some one offered to buy it!...she was extremely happy. In total we made over $100 dollars easily I believe. WOO!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

March 2009 photos update

This post will be fairly simple with mostly pictures. I will let the pictures do the talking as both my forearms are sore and I dont want to type much. WAHAHA

GF graduated in December 2008, I wont show her face lol. CONGRATULATIONS MONSTER!

Feeding Ducks was reintroduced to me again recently by my GF. It is quite fun!

Going to Vietnamese New Year 2009 at the Buddhist temple. Love those colour plastic chairs!

KIRIN BEERRRRRRRR!!!! for the Sydney trip to watch Top Gear show.

Early in morning on way to work outside my house, these hot air balloons all over the sky. Around 10 of them in the sky nearby.

Eating at restaurant and playing with dumplings. GF has dumpling eyes and I have dumpling ears.

My workplace. Isn't it colourful! lol. Got some jungle plants happening too.