Sunday, 19 April 2009

Another April update with pictures

Left arm is getting a bit sore so I will let the pictures do most of the talking. Simple captions are added yo.

Servicing my car and the ladies car. 
Hard at work changing oil...such a man!

At the zoo.

Picture of the sky. When I was a child...always thought these special planes created the clouds we see in the sky. Now I know its just there pollution haha.
The lady makes sushi, Vietnamese rice paper rolls and other good seafood. Wife material? Wahahaha.

What the cook looks like!
At the 2009 Sydney Royal Easter Show.
Ate at this shit steakhouse place...ordered prawns and chips! Worst ever, they gave 4 small ass prawns and chips. For the same price you can get a big pork rib which everyone was eating.
Stayed at this 5 Star hotel named Amora Hotel in Sydney CBD. It was ok I guess...

Accessing Internet at the hotel before leaving.
At the Apple store in Sydney. Want those walls and stairs concept in my own future house. Went there 3 times just to use their free internet haha.
At QVB (Queen Victoria Building) in Sydney.
At some cupcake store that had awesome cupcakes. Obviously.
Paddle boats fun on Lake Burley Griffin. Haven't done this since I was a child. My skin looks smoother and 5% more handsome because of the lighting.
Pork ribs today made by the lady cook. VERY good. Well done dumbo cook.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

April Weekend + Sunday Markets

Girlfriend cooked some yummy Korean food. YUM YUM YUM. On Sunday it was daylights saving! I was supposed to wake up at 7am to go pick up my gf and go to the Sunday markets to sell our wonderful stuff. I woke at 6am because I didnt change the time on my alarm to the new daylight saving time. Anyway we made it to the markets and it was my first time there especially to sell something. We had to go to the market at 11pm the night before to put our car in a good spot. We sold very successfully today, even though there was still a lot of junk and items left I was quite surprised. The lady next to us selling pot plants was very surprised too. She told us that no one she has seen has sold clothes and items like ours that quickly. She was really nice and offered us help for plastic bags. She also gave us her wallet to sell and as soon we put it down some one offered to buy it!...she was extremely happy. In total we made over $100 dollars easily I believe. WOO!